Icon by Nordic

Brand Description

Icon is an exotic fruit infused spirit shooter, for the sassy, stylish, classy female trend setter who likes to make an out of the ordinary statement. Unique taste pairings embody  individuality and dare to be different - a true icon.

  • Icon is the symbol for nonconformists who live outside the lines, this unique exotic fruit infused spirit shooter breaks the mold and inspires individuality.
  • The fact that an icon is symbolic of something unique, special, different and envied, lends to the brand name and embodies what Icon stands for.
  • This is the shooter for the people who dare to be different and want a drink that understands this, furthermore, Icon sets itself apart from the crowd by being served as a shooter and not a long drink mix, once again daring to be different.  
  • It’s time to be daring!
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