Pebbles Project

Brampton Wines Studio team continues their support for the Pebbles Project.

As part of offering holistic approach to the children’s health, The Pebbles Project identified the need to establish an ECD Oral Health Programme. Studies by the World Health Organisation show that worldwide, 60–90% of school children and nearly 100% of adults have dental cavities. Long-term exposure to an optimal level of fluoride results in fewer dental cavities in both children and adults. Oral disease in children and adults is higher among poor and disadvantaged population groups, our beneficiaries are no different.

Brampton Wine Studio helped raise funds for this Project which has gone to ensure that each child in their facility gets not only a toothbrush and toothpaste they can call their own but a regular visit from our Oral Hygienist, Melany.

Calvin Coolidge once said "No man has been honoured for what he has received, but honour is the reward for what he has given". It takes a surprisingly small amount of consideration and commitment to accomplish something significant. We honour and appreciate you!

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