Solar energy, bamboo and books

Meininger’s Wine Business International spoke to Tim Hutchinson, the DGB Group Executive Chairman, about his entrepreneurial approach to leading this dynamic player into the immediate future and beyond.
“DGB has long had its eye fixed firmly on the future,” says Tim. “In fact, we were already doing things a little differently in the 1940s, when we pioneered the wholesale sales model for wine in Paarl.” He continues, “So while we acknowledge the invaluable work
of our predecessors and the gravitas that our rich heritage affords us, wine has become so much more than simply what lies inside the bottle.” Tim explains that he believes that “good wine captures the flavour of the land and the energy and spirit of the people
who are involved in making it. Brands that ultimately tell stories. Which is why at DGB, we don’t feel it’s enough simply to produce wine. We believe that good varietals are shaped by our interaction with the terroir and the people too.”

“At DGB, we saw an opportunity to use this sunshine and convert it into a major energy- and cost-saving opportunity,” says Tim, referring to the solar panels that DGB is installing at their Wellington facility. Scheduled to be completed in March 2016,
the system will take the company’s largest production plant off-grid.

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