Throw Back Thursday with Bellingham Wines

Recently we received a message from a consumer whom had received a bottle of Bellingham 1981 some 30 years ago.  The Message reads as follows

"Dear Tim, Last year I opened a bottle of Bellingham 1981 which you gave me in the Grolsch days, so quite a while ago. The 34 year old wine was still in good condition and tasted well. I thought I need to let you know this experience."

The history of Bellingham remains a proud one.

Originally known as ‘Bellinchamp’ (pretty fields), Bellingham begins its story in 1693 when Hollander Gerrit Janz van Vuuren and his French Huguenot wife planted the first 1000 vines on the estate. Through ages of farming families, the modern renaissance of the Bellingham Estate in Franschhoek began in the 1943 when Bernard and Fredagh Podlashuk purchased the somewhat dilapidated and derelict farm and began restoring the Manor House, the gardens and the vineyards.

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