DGB remains commited

DGB remains commited to the The Glass Recycling Company which is a voluntary industry initiative supported by 22 shareholders, including the two glass packaging manufacturers and the majority of food and beverage brand owners manufacturers who package their products in glass.

TGRC is funded exclusively by the levies paid by these brand owners for every ton of glass purchased from the glass manufacturers. The South African glass manufacturers in turn purchase all of the glass recovered for recycling in South Africa, and thereafter it is recycled into brand new glass packaging. We thank our shareholders for their commitment to ensuring glass packaging is reused and recycled. Our shareholders are dedicated to environmental protection through recycling of and use of returnable glass bottles.

The Glass Recycling Company (TGRC) is proud to be associated with a packaging as environmentally friendly and infinitely recyclable as glass, and strives to show glass in a new light. As such, TGRC’s remarkable new television advert aims to ensure South Africans view waste glass as a precious product, even more valuable when recycled.

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