The beachhouse wines red wine is making waves!

The beachhouse wines red wine made the National Post’s wine of the day!

Described as having a “sweet nose” that is “floral with plush dark fruit and a meaty note with a whiff of the smokey tar...”

This wine is described as holding true to South African style.

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The Beachhouse White Takes Center Stage!

The beachhouse White 2012 has been selected as one of the Best White Wines in the annual Vancouver Magazine Wine Awards!

"A glassful of goosberries and lemongrass with a zesty twang of tangerine agains a lemon-drop background", this wine is playful and fresh and very more-ish!

You can read more about the beachhouse white wine and view more of the beachhouse wines here:

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Congratulations To Neshan Orrie And The Gauteng Grocers Team!

Congratulations to Neshan Orrie and the Gauteng grocers team who have won the Big Brand, Shoprite Group of Companies, Supplier of the year award 2013 in the Liquor category for the Gauteng region!

Neshan recieved this award at the Shoprite Annual Awards Dinner on the 10th of September held at Gallagher Estate in Midrand. This award was in recognition for unstinting support and a collaborative approach towards Shoprite’s business over the past year.

Well done to Neshan and the team!!!