Boschendal wins case over sour grapes

Two winemaking giants clashed in the high court in Pretoria over a logo.

Ultimately, Boschendal winemakers, which wanted to use the trademark “A Cape Icon Since 1685”, scored a victory over rival Groot Constantia, which had taken the matter to court.

It might have been a question of sour grapes, as Groot Constantia objected to this logo on the grounds that the public would be misled and to understand that Boschendal had been wine producers or trading in winemaking since 1685.

Gold for the Brampton Team

The Brampton Team have won Gold at the 'Rosé Rocks" competition recently held at Radisson Blu Hotel, Waterfront.

Rosé Rocks!' is a South Africa’s first dedicated rosé wine competition which seeks to recognise excellence in rosé winemaking and promote the SA 'Rosé category. Rosé is one of the fastest growing categories of wine in South Africa, and internationally. In South Africa alone, sales have trebled between 2007 and 2014. This is exciting for consumers and winemakers alike, and there's no doubt about it, rosé wines have a certain sex appeal!

Boschendal presents second Roving Dinner.

On Saturday 17 October diners are invited to ‘rove’ with Boschendal’s resident beef farmer and butcher Mark Muncer as he shares his passion for natural, ethically raised meat.

Guests will enjoy drinks and a 3-course dinner at 4 different venues on the historical Boschendal Farm.  The venues are all within easy walking distance but we recommend bringing something warm to wear for the walk.

Butlers Bartender Challenge

The annual Butlers Bartender Challenge is underway with a great selection of Bartenders from across South Africa part.

Imagine sipping on a refreshing Mojito or indulging in a sensational Pina Colada whenever you like! With Butlers, you can create the perfect cocktail in a matter of minutes. All you need is your favourite Butlers liqueur and some creativity.

Boschendal reaches top 6 with WineMag

Boschendal has been listed as one of the Top 6 South African “Iconic” Wine Farms by Christian Eedes from

Christian Eedes created this list after a Winelands property agent recently asked him which South African wine farms were considered “iconic”.  This conversation arose when in 2011, self-made billionaire Zdenek Bakala and business associate Charles Harman acquired Klein Constantia for a reported R200 million.  “I guess the agent was asking what other properties would warrant that sort of premium” said Christian.

Cape Wine International

DGB had their international management, wine makers and wine marketing departments represent their company at the Cape Wine International trade show in the CTICC with a very impressive DGB stand & meeting rooms featuring all their resepctive brands.  The three day trade show was attended by over 1200 international visitors from the global wine trade & press and everyone was very complimentary about both the exhibition stand along with the wines.  Next to us we had a major competitor and it was great to see we were a lot busier with both visitors & meetings.